Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another cover concept that you haven't seen!

Like I said in my last post, when doing this stuff, you throw a lot of material at the wall and just see what sticks. So this is an alternate cover concept for that pitch, where in the earlier post we see the trouble that McQueen would get into in our story proposal, here we see some of the fallout. Again, it's important to note, these were sketches for a concept that we did not get to run with, but I don't mind, because with these illustrations, I was really just practicing, figuring out how to meet the demands of the gig in the months before we got the green light. When we got the word "GO!" I was going to have to "GO!GO!GO!" and be absolutely ready to do the work and do it well. I'm glad I did it, I think the gig worked out well for me!

I think it was a cool story idea, hope we get a chance to tell it some day...

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