Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Daddy McQueen

Big Daddy McQueen

Well, folks, I've been at it a while now. For the past 2 years I have been providing covers and art for the Disney/Pixar's CARS comics published by Boom! Studios. It's been a fantastic experience, and I have done a lot of work for them. This whole time, I've been so wrapped up in it that I have neglected to develop the online presence that the world seems to expect of it's artists in this day and age. Well, worry not! I am establishing this blog to share with the world my work on Cars, and also to share my work on various other arty-cartoony projects. In addition to the talking cars, I'll give you intrepid space women, fightin' repo men, ghost detectives, talking dinosaurs, and all manner of stuff that has sat in the vaults far too long. So, thanks for stopping in, stand by, more to come.


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  1. If I didn't already have a Susie the Little Blue Coupe tattoo, I would consider this.

    Then again - I have lots of arm space left! ;)